Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

    ACCOUNT FACILITIES & BILLING: Journeys can be charged to an authorised, available account facility which has to be quoted at the time of booking by the customer. Account invoicing will be on the last day of any month and will cover all journeys within that specified period. Any invoices not satisfied within a 28 days accounting period will be subject to a 10% surcharge which will be added to the next billing date. If at any time you wish to cancel an account facility a notice of 30 days must be given with all outstanding monies settled therein.

    Local Area Cars charge 10% of the total booking fee as an Administration charge.

    PAYMENT: Local Area Cars are able to accept all major credit cards subject to a 3% processing charge. We also accept payment by cash or cheque.

    QUOTES &TARRIFS: All prices are quoted based on the information supplied by the client at the time of booking and will be subject to change in the event of the journey varying from that booked. All journeys completed are charged in accordance with our standard tariff at the time of booking or any modified tariff applicable. Journeys are calculated from the point of pick-up to the destination.

    CANCELLATION FEE: Notification of cancellations must be given at least 30 minutes prior to the agreed pick-up time. For all account holders failure to adhere to the cancellation period will result in an invoice being raised and charged for the cost equal to that charged for the cancelled journey. For non-account holders where we have a pick-up home or business address and name an invoice will be raised and charged in the same way. *see account facilities and billing. The same will apply to “no shows” and will also include any additional charges such as car parking or any out of pocket expenses.

    For general journeys the client will be given 5 minutes grace thereafter waiting time will be charged in 15 minute increments at an additional £5.00 for every quarter up to a total of £20.00 per hour. For journeys that include additional drops or pick-ups not quoted at the time of booking additional charges will be applied at the driver’s discretion. For multiple airport terminal drops or pickups an additional £5.00 charge will be applied to each. For airport pickups all prices quoted will include a meet and greet fee and also any car parking charges applicable unless arranged otherwise ie: meet outside the terminal. All Airport pickups will be given 45 minutes grace waiting time from the actual landing of the aircraft. Waiting time will be charged thereafter as per above or at the driver’s discretion. For inbound London transfers all prices will be subject to the additional £10.00 congestion charge where applicable.

    OUT OF HOURS AND HOLIDAY SURCHARGES: Between 23.59 and 06.00am a 50% surcharge – (ie: fare and a half) – will be applied to all prices and tariffs quoted this will also apply to all journeys booked before 24.00 which then continue beyond that. For all journeys booked for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Eve after 18.00 a surcharge of 100% – (ie: “double time”) – will apply. All journeys booked for New Years Day will incur a 100% surcharge for the whole day.

    ADDITIONAL: We would ask that all drivers are treated with respect and consideration when travelling and that any problems with the driver or service should be raised with Local Area Cars direct at the earliest convenience. In the event of the vehicle being damaged or soiled by direct or indirect actions of those passengers travelling a charge will be levied against those person/s responsible or company account of £150 plus any additional costs in the event of physical damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle.

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